“I am truly grateful that I found Crystal.  1.5 years ago I was suffering from multiple health issues affecting my hormones, digestion and weight.  After many unsuccessful doctor visits and lab work that revealed  no detectable health issues, the doctors gave up and try to convince me that I was healthy, which in fact I felt miserable.  When I met Crystal, she was patient and kind.  She spent her precious time with me to learn about my health issues and discussed ways that she could help.  She gave me hope that I would ultimately feel better and regain my health.  Crystal’s knowledge and support over the past 1.5 years has been instrumental with uncovering my health issues.  She worked with me to fine tune my body’s natural balance and my life has been completely transformed.  Today, I am in the best health of my life and each day it gets even better and I am no longer on any prescription medications.  Crystal’s passion for helping others is very evident in her practice and words cannot express my gratitude for her skill, knowledge and support.  Thank You!” ~Greta Zukoff

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