I have had Rhuematoid Arthritis for about 5 years.  I have been taking the prescribed medications, including prednisone, since it was diagnosed. Prednisone had been the only thing that was allowing me to go to work on a regular basis. When I started to try Acupuncture, I noticed at first an immediate change in the affected areas for the better. Although this improvement wore off after a couple of days, I felt any improvement however temporary, without increasing any medication was good. Then I started to notice a general, long term improvement that a slight loss of weight (that I needed) along with reduced swelling in my hands and feet that was truly noticeable. I was able to reduce my prednisone to ZERO, and have not had any for about 1 year. I am now considering lowering the dosages of the over-the-counter pain meds that I have been taking. I will still take anti-inflammatory medicines, but I feel acupuncture has made a real difference in my control of the disease. I have also noticed a lack of the fatigue that is usually associated with RA and seem to have an over-all better energy level.” – Douglas Widnall Ormond Beach, FL

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