Childbirth Classes for Gentle Birthing

For the Mother-To-Be and her Birthing Companion

Learn Relaxation Techniques so that you can give your baby a welcome that is calm, gentle, and safe.Achieve birth fulfillment–awake and alert–in a totally relaxed state of mind and body.

We know you have many choices and many decisions to make for your birthing experience. You have choices in selecting your care provider; you have choices in selecting the environment in which you will bring your baby into the world.

Another important choice is that of the childbirth education classes you will choose to prepare for the birth of your baby.

We know you will be happy with your choice of HypnoBirthing.

HypnoBirthing® Classes are taught in a format of five, 2 1/2-hour classes.

If you are very near to your birthing time, occasionally your Practitioner can make special arrangements for individual classes with you.

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Classes Available in Sanford, Florida and Ormond Beach, Florida

HypnoBirthing® is a trade name for a copyrighted childbirth education program of the HypnoBirthing Institute℠

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