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What is a Doula?
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A doula supports a woman and her partner during pregnancy, birth, and the early weeks of parenting, with reassurance, practical assistance, and information. A doula is someone you come to know well by the time of your birth, and who is there during your labor, by your side, focused solely on you and your partner. She can encourage you, remain objective, and help your partner feel more confident about how to support you. She can also assist you with practical knowledge on comfort measures for labor, such as massage and suggestions for positioning. A doula can provide information when youhave questions, and can help you communicate most effectively with your medical caregivers. The main focus of a doula’s role is often on the birth itself, but doula support can also be invaluable during pregnancy(especially if you face questions about tests or complications), and after the birth when she can help out with feeding and adjusting to life with a newborn.

There are afew things adoula is not. She is not acting as a nurse or midwife, so she does not provide clinical care such as doing examinations on you or checking your baby’s heartbeat. The support a doula provides fits together with, but does not replace,the care of your doctor, midwife, or nurses. Doulas do not make decisions for you, or speak for you. This is your birth, your baby, your life! A doula supports you by providing information and explanations you may want about your choices, but it’s always you who decides what’s best for you. Doulas make a difference! The research has shown that having a doula at your birth can make a real difference to the outcome. The risk of an emergency cesarean is reduced, as well as the chances of other interventions happening like epesiotomy and assisted delivery. How a mother interacts with her baby, her satisfaction with her birth and her relationship with her partner are all rated significantly higher with women who have had a doula compared to those who have not!

Doulas We Love

 My name is Tirzah Hochreiter. I am a mother and doula. I have had the privilege of working with several women and their families, as well as our area’s midwives and doctors since 2008. I became a doula after giving birth to my wonderful daughter, and realized the lack of emotional and physical support I received from my care provider made a moment that–although was still full of joy–less than what it should have been. I realized that every woman deserves to have someone by their side that is not only knowledgeable about the process of child birth, but confident in them and their ability to birth their child. Visit Tirzah at
   CAPPA trained Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Specialist, Postpartum Doula

  Serving all families birthing in Volusia, Flagler and St. Johns counties (hospitals, birth centers, and home)




Alison Kate Serra

Body of Knowledge Birth & Babymoon Doula Services
Hi there, I’m Alison! I’m a wife, mother, yoga enthusiast, and beach-lover. My daughter was the inspiration behind the desire and decision to become a doula. Her birth was exciting, frightening, joyful, and life-changing all at once. I didn’t have a doula for her birth, but I wish that I had. Doulas provide a type of care that you just can’t quite get from your OB or Midwife. They are there just for you. And what better time to have someone devoted your needs than during the birth, of your children and, of yourself as a parent?
Currently, I am certifying as a perinatal doula, meaning I’m studying all aspects of the childbearing year (including the prenatal, birth, and postpartum stages) and learning how to best serve women and their families. My philosophy as a doula is to ensure Mothers and Fathers with the best emotional, physical, and informational support possible. I believe very deeply in a woman’s right to choose the details of her birth experience and I really love supporting families in their choices. I take pride in getting to know my clients through open, easy communication. I work with clients in Central Florida including Volusia, Seminole, and Orange Counties. I offer a free, initial consultation, access to all the resources your heart desires, birth plan customization, prenatal meetings, wellness dates, continuous labor support, placenta print art, postpartum care, unlimited phone/email support, and more. I’d love to chat with you about your birth wishes and to answer any initial questions you may have. Please feel free to send me a text/email or give me a call today! **And don’t forget to ask about my rate specials!** Lots of love, Alison

My name is Ashley Jass and I am a certified Doula, through DONA International (see for more information) in Central Florida. I am happily married to an incredible man, and I have two bright spirited sons. I love motherhood, and being able to stay at home with my boys. I have had a special interest in pregnancy and childbirth since I was very young. I know that the birth of a baby is incredible moment for everyone involved. It is humanity in its most sacred, most raw moment. I cannot help but be in incredible awe of the entire process from conception to delivery. It is both beautiful and thrilling to me.

As a doula I help families understand the risks and benefits of each medical intervention. I am committed to serving families objectively, in their personal choices. I know that every birth is as different as every mother and every child; my role is to serve you as you embark on this special journey, which will be unique to you and your baby!

Through becoming a Doula, I hope to take my passion for women and infant health and use it in service. To serve is at the very core of what “Doula” means. It is my privilege to serve families during this special time, and my hope is that my service will make the memories of the birth of their child even more precious. Find out more at

Serving Central Florida families

Sheri Hughes  – Baby Bliss  407.227.7240

I am a Doula in the Orlando area, all hospitals, Birthing center, waterbirth, and home births. I have been a Doula since 1997.
also offer post-partum care services for Mom and babies.  I have experience with twins. I am also a lactation counselor.
I am also an LMT with 20 years experience with a Certification in Pregnancy Massage. Infant Massage, Cranial Sacral and Reiki Practitioner and Healer.

My area of service is Orlando, Florida and surrounding vicinities.




Laura McGuire

Laura is a registered yoga instructor, professional belly dancer, certified doula, and holistic child birth educator. She offers both birth and post partum doula. Laura also offers private and group classes in vinyasa and pre/post natal yoga and belly dance. She teaches natural child birth education with a full spectrum birth education that draws on the wisdom and techniques of yoga and belly dance.

” I have always been a natural birth and parenting advocate. I grew up with a La Leche League leader as my mom and had Ina May’s Guide to Natural Child Birth as required reading during high school. After the birth of my son at home and still breastfeeding 36 months later I knew I wanted to make a vocation out of the knowledge and experience I had gained.
I hope that every mother, child and family experiences pregnancy, birth and parenting with the support and education they deserve.”
Serving Volusia County Families
Brooke Smith
“Hi!  My name is Brooke Smith and I am a certified lactation counselor, childbirth educator and birth doula!  I have an incredibly supportive partner as well as two daughters.  My journey towards serving a families needs in birth began with reading a book about midwifery when I was 18, and from then on, my life was transformed.  I knew I had to be available to assist and support women in their own birth journey.  So much of birth and parenting can be surrounded with uncertainty, differing advice, and questions with no “right” answers.  As a birth professional, my job is to help you discover your needs and desires from belly to baby to breast and to help you achieve your own goals!  Professionally, I am in my senior year of my Bachelor of Science degree in Maternal and Child Health with a focus in human lactation.  I am a certified lactation counselor through The Academy of Lactation Policy & Practice, and I am a DONA-trained birth doula.  I feel it is the utmost honor to be asked to support in birth and lactation and I look forward to working with you!
I serve all of Volusia, Seminole, and Flagler counties, as well as parts of St. John’s, Lake, and Orange counties (roughly 50 miles from zip 32724)”
My name is Chelsea Bossory, and I am the proud mother of a sweet, independent little girl. My journey to becoming a doula started, as it does for so many, with my personal birth experience. I was blessed to have the support and knowledge I needed to have the best birth I could, and I realized that I wanted to be someone who could provide that support and information to other women. I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor through The Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice as well as being Reiki attuned. My goal when attending a birth is to support laboring women and their partners in having the most empowering birth experience possible through helping them understand and remember the stages of labor, coping techniques, and medical procedures they may encounter. I firmly believe that every woman has the right to a conscious, satisfying birth experience, and it is my great honor to be able to follow my passion for birth to help women reach their birth goals, whatever they may be. I also offer breastfeeding classes and lactation evaluations and support. Serving Central Florida. For more information please call me at (352)360-3796 or email me at
Serving Orange and surrounding counties


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