Crystal with Carol and Baby Price minutes after birth

Carol and Juan had taken my Hypnobirthing® classes and inspired me with their love toward each other and toward their children at home. It had been many years since their other children were born and they knew that natural birth was the right choice for them. It is rare that I have seen dedicated parents with the passion that Carol and Juan have about family and about birth. I was so excited when it just happen to be that Carol went in to labor on a day I was there. I went in and out of her room throughout the day as she labored with grace, putting to use all of the techniques we learned in class. She didn’t complain or make much of a sound as the day passed. At around 4 pm one of the midwives asked if I could do acupuncture on Carol, because her body was slowing down labor at 5 cm and the baby had turned to an Occiput Posterior Position – an unfavorable position for birthing. I walked in to ask Carol if she would mind acupuncture and she smiled at me and said “I would love acupuncture”, as she struggled through what were many intense “Back Labor” Contractions. I quickly positioned her on her side and inserted the needles that I was certain would turn the baby and open the pelvis. I left the needles in for only about 15 minutes and went to the kitchen and within moments I could hear Carol moaning in a familiar way. I went into the room and Juan told me that Carol had felt a very large movement from the baby and was now feeling an intense amount of pressure. I immediately removed the needles and the midwife checked Carol’s cervix. With a very surprised look exclaimed she was 10 cm and was ready to push her baby out. Carol was feeling a lot of discomfort now from the speed of her labor and I could now see the excitement, but slight nervousness in her eyes. What happened next was the reason I am so in love with childbirth. Through the discomfort and intensity Carol found an amazing place of love and determination. I’ll never forget the mother in her that kept apologizing for “losing control” Carol never once lost control. Every word I said to her she heard and listened and worked with her body. I held her on one side and as her husband on her left, talking in that same gentle way to her the whole time and baby Price gracefully entered the world at 4:59 pm. A surprised Carol- having gone from 5cm to 10cm in an intense and emotional hour that I was blessed to be a part of. I find special connections with all the women I help birth, but for some reason this one sticks with me and I feel a huge glow and a huge heart when I think of it.

Born Feb 9 2012

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