Henna tattoos are a great way to show off the beauty of your pregnant belly! It takes less than an hour to apply then stays for weeks as it gently fades. Henna paste is non-toxic and the quality paste that I use is safe for pregnancy and children.

Also available for Baby Showers, parties and gatherings in the Daytona Beach and Sanford, FL areas.

(Please call for Pricing)

Henna Tattoo Prices: By appointment

Belly (Large) 70.00

Belly (Small) 45.00

Hands or Feet (Full- Wedding style) $150

Small Design (ankle, wrist, back, etc.) 35.00

Children’s Designs: 20.00 (50% off if parent is also getting tattoo)

Large Design : starting at 70.00 (depends on the time needed for design)

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