Acupuncture can increase IVF success by 40-60% and is a pleasant and cost-effective way to supplement western fertility treatments. Acupuncture treatments are scheduled in a specific duration around the medications and procedures of IVF and IUI to boost the body’s response to these medications, minimize side effects and correct underlying imbalances that may be preventing conception.

What Acupuncture Does during IVF Treatments:

  • Helps open the cervix at appropriate times to minimize procedure discomfort
  • Prevents uterus from contracting after procedure
  • Increases hormones such as progesterone by balancing certain systems in the body
  • Reduces stress levels and aids in emotional wellness
  • Aids in the production of healthy follicles and uterine lining
  • Reduces side effects of medications such as headaches and sleeplessness
  • Helps to prevent miscarriage by continuing to heal root problems in the body systems

When Acupuncture is done during IVF Treatments:

Treatments can begin any time in the IVF cycle, but is recommended several months in advance. Treatments are given once a week until egg retrieval. At this time, a treatment  is also done within 24 hours before retrieval, within 24 hours before transfer and within 24 hours after transfer.

Treatments for Men during IVF

It is also beneficial for the partners to receive treatment for maximum success, especially if the conception challenges are related to sperm quality or count. Treatments are decided based on each individual case, but also circulate around procedures. Herbal medicine is usually prescribed for cases involving male concerns to increase sperm count and improve quality as well as adjust PH levels.

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