Crystal Fedele  is owner and founder of Acubirthing, INC. She has been practicing Natural Medicine for 8 years in the Daytona Beach area. She assists midwives all over Florida and Adjunct Professor at Daytona State College in the Massage Therapy Department. She runs classes continuously for professionals, parents and soon-to-be parents.

She has dedicated her professional life to learning about holistic and natural health practices. Crystal graduated Suma Kum Laude from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine with a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Professional Health Studies. She is also a Certified Hypno-therapist and a Certified Birth Doula, along with being certified to teach Hypnobirthing.

Crystal C Fedele, AP, DOM, CHT

Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine.
Bachelor of Science in Professional Health Science.

  • Licensed Acupuncture Physician
  • Chinese Herbalist
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner
  • Certified Birth Doula

The Wisdom of Natural Medicine:

Crystal’s natural practice uses her vast knowledge in Integrative Medicine to preserve the balance and health of women through natural, non-invasive techniques. She focuses on helping to create pleasant cycles, healthy babies, peaceful births and easy hormonal transitions through ancient medicine and empowerment through education.

Integrative Medicine for women with techniques proven to work gently and in harmony with women’s bodies. Incorportating Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Herbs, HypnoTherapy, and the knowledge she has gathered in her many years of study and practice.

Crystal specializes in Women’s Health and focuses on:

Crystal Works directly in a collaborative manner with midwives and OBGYN’s to assist women in their holistic, natural care in the Daytona Area and Sanford Area with excellent results.

Natural Childbirth:

While at school for Acupuncture and during her pregnancy and birth with her son, Aethan , Crystal found that pregnancy and birth could be so much more than what was then widely available to women. She decided to specialize in Natural Birth and to share her knowledge and experience with women. Her second son was birthed with the HypnoBirthing Method of natural childbirth in Daytona, FL.

Crystal’s childbirth classes incorporate her vast knowledge in the many different areas she has studied, and are comprehensive, from conception through infancy. Crystal’s childbirth classes are very personal, with plenty of one on one time. Her childbirth class includes what to expect month by month, specific tips for each mother’s concerns, and availability after the class for advice and referrals.

Your child birth classes include one on one support for all of your personal needs.

While Crystal has dedicated her professional life to learning about holistic and natural health practices, she makes sure to keep a well-balanced life with her very supportive husband -who is a registered nurse-. Together they raise their three children in Port Orange, FL.

Crystal is the lead singer of Daytona Beach’s cover band “Retrospekt”, and is a guitarist and a pianist. She enjoys doing Henna Art and graphic design in her now rare free time.

Crystal is now using her married name, Crystal Fedele, transitioning from the name we have known her as, Crystal Maples.

You can contact Crystal directly with any questions or comments. She will make sure to get back to you promptly.

The differences are startling…

HypnoBirthing Practitioners are highly qualified birthing professionals who have distinguished themselves through education, experience, motivation, and dedication to the principles and philosophy of HypnoBirthing® and mother-directed birthing.

Additionally, each must meet the requirements as set down by the Executive Board of the HypnoBirthing Institute. Your close attention to the course evaluation will ensure that this remains so.

Trained HypnoBirthing® educators are successfully teaching women and their birthing companions to trust birth and release all fear and limiting thoughts

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